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The CHAOS is a highly advanced UAV aircraft capable of carrying multiple payloads, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of military applications. With a flight radius of up to 300km and speeds of up to 200km/h, the CHAOS is capable of delivering its payload quickly and accurately, providing troops with the tactical advantage they need to complete their missions successfully.
The CHAOS can be deployed with autonomous flight or with manned remote capability, allowing for maximum flexibility and control. It can be used to deliver payloads or can also be used as a loitering munition armed with a warhead, giving it the ability to strike at enemy targets with precision and accuracy.
One of the most unique capabilities of the CHAOS is its specialized swarm drone payload. This innovative system delivers several high-speed drones that swarm the enemy, overwhelming them with sheer numbers and creating chaos on the battlefield. This capability is highly effective in a wide range of scenarios and provides troops with a significant tactical advantage.
The CHAOS can also drop the BALM-1, giving the BALM-1 a strike radius of ~650km range. This advanced system can be used for a variety of military applications, from reconnaissance and surveillance to precision strikes and target elimination.

Interchangeable options may be added to the CHAOS, such as LIDAR and Thermal Optics, further enhancing its capabilities and making it an even more effective tool for military operations. Despite its advanced capabilities, the CHAOS is also extremely economical, making it a cost-effective solution for military operations.