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Introducing the BALM-1, a game-changing loitering munition that offers an affordable, high-speed, and long-range self-propelled solution for mid to long-range targets. With the BALM-1, you get precise and effective delivery of High Explosive payloads at over 450km distance and speeds exceeding 315km/h. The unit is man-portable and can be launched by hand, making it accessible to a wide range of ground troops including infantry, special ops, and strike units. The BALM-1 is easy to use and requires minimal training to deploy. With its unique fire and forget autonomous flight capability, you can put in the coordinates and deploy, allowing you to stay focused on your mission.

BALM-1 offers a reliable and effective solution for mid to long-range targets, providing a strategic advantage on the battlefield. It is an affordable alternative to expensive guided missiles, allowing militaries to stockpile more munitions for future wars. Get ahead of the competition and gain an edge in modern warfare with the BALM-1 loitering munition.